Teeth Cleanings

Definition of Teeth Cleanings

teeth cleanings in redwood cityTeeth cleanings in Redwood City are a part of oral hygiene procedures Dr. Savage performs. It involves getting rid of dental plaque from patients’ teeth so they don’t have to worry about cavities, periodontal disease, and other oral health problems. While the dentist performs this service usually twice a year, people should also clean their teeth at home. They should brush their teeth twice a day and floss once a day. They should also use mouthwash or dental rinse regularly. At the dental office, teeth cleanings in Redwood City include getting rid of hardened deposits called tartar.

Cost of Teeth Cleanings in Redwood City

Teeth cleanings’ cost in Redwood City varies depending on the dentist and the individual patient. The national average cost for teeth cleanings is about $100, and we try to stay within that fee structure. We work with a number of insurance plans that cover the cost of dental exams. We also work with our patients on the costs so that they are not surprised by the costs. The fee we charge is reasonable and in line with insurance recommendations or other dentists in the area.

Advantages of Teeth Cleanings

You will see the benefits of teeth cleanings immediately. Every time you go to the dentist for teeth cleanings, you will see a brighter mouth. You also will notice that your teeth are not as scummy as they were before you visited the dentist. In addition, professional teeth cleanings prevent cavities, periodontal disease and health problems down the road.
Dr. Savage will let you know other advantages of teeth cleanings when you come into the office for your professional session. However, you will feel better about yourself because your teeth will be clean. It will feel like that first step from the shower only for your teeth.

How Teeth Cleanings Are Performed

Dr. Savage uses special toothbrushes and instruments to perform teeth cleanings. After he cleans your teeth, he uses floss to get between the teeth. It cleans your gums and other surfaces too. The dentist makes sure they clean every area of the tooth and move in quadrants until every tooth is clean and polished and all tartar or plaque is removed. You will not have teeth cleaning complications or teeth cleaning after effects as it is a very simple process with no pain involved.

Consultations with Dentist

Don’t wait to see the dentist in Redwood City. Dr. Savage and his staff at Redwood City Family Dentistry will take care of you. Call 650-367-8833 now to make your appointment for teeth cleanings in Redwood City.