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Definition of Dental Consultations

If you are scheduled for a dental consultation in Redwood City, you are to meet with the dentist. He will sit with you to discuss a particular problem he might have found during a dental exam. Your dentist in Redwood City also schedules dental consultations if you are experiencing pain and don’t know what the problem is. Dentists and patients consult when they are developing a treatment plan or discussing options for treatment. In addition, the definition of dental consultations includes discussions among two or more dental professionals regarding a particular case or problem.

Cost of Dental Consultations

Dental consultations in Redwood City vary depending on the dentist. At Redwood City Family Dentistry, we believe in making sure you know what you will pay up front before you have your consultation. That way, you will not be surprised with the cost. We work with a number of insurance plans. Our fees for dental consultations are similar to other dentists in the area and what is recommended by insurance companies.

Dr. Savage at Redwood Family Dentistry also offers free consultation in certain cases. Call 650-367-8833 for a dental consultation with Redwood City Family Dentistry

Advantages of Dental Consultations

During a consultation, you have the right to ask any questions you have regarding a particular procedure. You can voice your concerns about a procedure. You can discover things about the procedure that you might not have known. You can ease your fears and be enlightened regarding misconceptions you might have found. The advantages of dental consultations also include discussions of payment and fees that might be a concern to you. And, after the consultation, you will be more informed to decide whether the procedure is right for you.

How the Service Is Performed

Dental consultations are completed in the dentist’s private office. You and the dentist sit in the room and talk about the procedure you are recommended to have. Dr. Savage offers a number of dental services including fillings, bridges, crowns, teeth whitening, dentures and implant crowns.

It is important that you first have a consultation to know if a procedure is apt for you or not. For example, teeth whitening may not be suitable for teeth that are very badly stained. However, in such a situation you can have other options like crowns. Your dentist will explain this to you during the consultation after examining your condition.

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Your dentist in Redwood City is ready for you to schedule your consultation today. Call 650-367-8833 for a dental consultation with Redwood City Family Dentistry. Come into the office if you are having a problem or a concern about your oral health.

Call 650-367-8833 now to make an appointment with your dentist in Redwood City. The staff at Redwood City Family Dentistry is here to help you with all your needs. They will take care of you during the dental X-rays and the entire visit.

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