Gum Grafting

Gum Grafting Redwood City

Gum recession, when gum tissue begins to pull back and expose more enamel, occurs as a result of aging, smoking, tooth grinding, gum disease, and other factors. Receding gums can leave a tooth vulnerable to decay, and it can also create an unattractive smile. Redwood City Dentist Dr. Robert Savage offers advanced gum grafting to help patients with gum recession restore a healthy gum line.

Early Treatment for Healthy Gums

Each time you visit, your gums will be measured. Minute amounts of gum recession may be considered normal depending on your age. However, if we notice abnormal gum recession that could pose a threat to your dental health, we may recommend gum grafting to combat the problem and prevent future related problems. While gum grafting can create a better smile, its effects are much more than cosmetic. Keep in mind that gum tissue loss often indicates bone loss, too, and that treating gum recession can have a positive effect on the underlying jaw bone.

How Gum Grafting Is Done