Dental Exams

Definition of Dental Exams in Redwood City

dental exams in redwood cityYour dentist in Redwood City ensures that your teeth and gums are healthy through dental exams. These are visual inspections of teeth and surrounding areas, including the head and neck. Gum line depths are probed, which gives the dentist an idea of how much gingivitis you have. Healthy patients have a low number while patients with periodontal disease have high numbers. Dr. Savage has years of experience evaluating dental exams in Redwood City.

Dentists use mirrors, explorers, and periodontal probes to perform a dental exam. The exam also includes an inspection of the tooth surface, including the indentations on each tooth. Dentists are looking for cavities, problems with restorations and demineralization. Dental personnel will evaluate the roof of the mouth, the tongue, the salivary glands, the floor of the mouth, lymph nodes in the neck and the roots of the teeth.

Cost of Dental Exams

Dental exams’ cost in Redwood City varies depending on the dentist and the individual patient. The national average costs for dental exams are $150, and we try to stay within that fee structure.

Advantages of Dental Exams

The advantages of dental exams are many. When you get regular dental exams, dentists can determine whether you are at risk for cavities. If cavities are found early, they are easier to treat. In some cases, we can treat them without drilling if found early enough. Dentists can tell you more benefits of dental exams. Also, you can avoid several other complications by getting examined. Dentists can find signs of prevailing dental issues and treat them early on.

In addition, dental exams indicate a possible risk of oral cancer or periodontal disease. When dentists discover a risk for oral cancer, the patient is able to get it treated as quickly as possible, saving his or her life. Periodontal disease is serious when not caught early enough. The dental exam can have patients get treatment for periodontal disease and possibly reverse it before it becomes a major problem. Also, periodontal disease is linked to other diseases in the body, such as heart disease and diabetes. So regular dental exams will prevent those too.

How Dental Exams Are Performed

When dentists conduct dental exams, they use tools to inspect each tooth and its roots. They look at the surface, the gum line and below the surface. They also check to make sure if the jaw works properly, if the tongue is the right color, and if you have cavities. There is no pain or complication associated with a dental exam. It is a simple procedure that can be done quickly.

Consultations with Dentist in Redwood City

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