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Reviews - Redwood City Family Dentistry
Reviews - Redwood City Family Dentistry
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My experience with Dr Savage and his team was excellent. They valued me as a patient and extended the same degree of professionalism I had come to expect from over 15 years of using this dental practice. I recommend Dr.Savage and his team to other prospective patients.

Mark S.
I've been a patient for two years and I would highly recommend this dental office. The staff is always very friendly, they go out of theirway to make sure you're comfortable, the equipment is new, x-rays are shown instantly on computer monitors, and I really appreciate all the high tech features such as email and text reminders of appointments. Julie F.

You guys are wonderful! Thanks so much for taking such good care of me and my teeth! I also really appreciated Dr. Savage taking the time to go through my x-rays with me, I feel so much more knowledgeable about the health of my teeth.

Veronique E.
It as pure luck that my fiance and I found Redwood City Family Dentistry but we are so grateful we did! Not only are the staff amazing but the office is state of the art. Most chairs have flat screen televisions on the ceiling while reclined and headphones are available as well. Not only have I already recommended this practice to friends and family but have not stopped raving about them. If you have been looking for a dentist, YOU are in luck.. your search can stop! Barbara was approachable and friendly. She immediately recognized me just through our phone conversations. Michelle was very nice and informative. Dr. Savage rocks! Kristy M.