Reasonable Tooth Colored Fillings

Definition of Fillings

tooth colored fillings in redwood cityFillings involve placing materials in a tooth to remove a hole caused by cavities and drilling. Materials include amalgam, composite, porcelain and other options. Most often, dentists use the composite fillings because they resemble the color of teeth. The same material is used in cracks and chips too. Redwood City Family Dentistry provides extensive care of Tooth Colored Fillings in Redwood City.

Dr. Savage at Redwood City Family Dentistry will evaluate your teeth to determine the best filling material to use.

Cost of Fillings in Redwood City

Fillings cost in Redwood City is comparable to what is recommended by dental associations and insurance companies. Redwood City Family Dentistry charges a fee that is in line with other dentists in the area. We will work with your insurance company and you to determine a fair and reasonable price. The insurance generally covers the charges up to silver fillings and the rest have to be covered by the patient. We don’t want you to avoid filling a cavity because of cost, so we find an equitable solution for you.

Advantages of Fillings

Each type of filling has its own advantage. For example, some people prefer gold fillings because they look more attractive and can last up to 10 years. On the other hand, silver fillings can last up to 15 years and are cheap but look unattractive. The best solution is to go for tooth-colored fillings as they generally cover all the advantages of fillings.

The main benefit of fillings is prevention. It fills a cavity to prevent further damage to your tooth and the gums surrounding the tooth. If you let the cavity continue, it will get bigger and the decay could spread to between the teeth, to the gums and to the roots. When you have your cavities filled, you prevent having to get crowns or root canal therapy. You also prevent periodontal disease. The benefits of fillings also prevent heart disease because you prevent periodontal disease, which is linked to heart problems.

How Fillings Are Performed

Dentists today use several methods of filling cavities. During the filling procedure, if the dental cavity is small, the dentist might use a bonding material without drilling. If the cavity is a large one, dentists will drill the tooth to clean out all the decay and diseased portions of the tooth. That leaves a hole that is filled with materials. Some dentists use lasers to clean out the disease and decay and fill the tooth. This last method produces the least number of fillings complications. After drilling, you might experience some fillings after effects, including a sore tooth, gums, and mouth. Usually, cavities give you pain, not the fillings. However, sometimes, you will experience fillings pain. However, the treatment itself can be made pain feel with the help of anesthesia.

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