Dental X-rays

Definition of X-rays

dental x-rays in redwood cityA dental x-ray is like any other x-ray, but in this case, only pictures of your mouth or jaw are taken. When you visit your dentist in Redwood City for the first time, he will take a picture of your whole mouth. After the first visit, you will have to have only a couple pictures taken. In the past, X-rays were on film, but today most dentists take pictures using a camera and computer. The pictures tell the dentist what is happening in your mouth above the gum line and below the gum line. Dr. Robert Savage can see if you have problems in your roots or bones, making it easier to find problems with Dental X-rays in Redwood City.

Cost of Dental X-rays in Redwood City

Often, the dental X-rays cost in Redwood City is bundled with the cleaning and exam price. However, The national average cost for X-rays is about $100 to $200. Our rates for X-rays are in line with recommendations from insurance companies and the national average. You can compare the cost to other dentists in the area. You will see that we have a reasonable fee structure. We will work with our patients to help them not be surprised by our fees.

Advantages of Dental X-rays

You will notice a number of advantages of dental X-rays. For example, when the Redwood City Family Dentistry can see beyond the surface of your gums, they can pinpoint problems you might not know. Dental X-rays also will alert the dentist to what might be causing your pain if you are experiencing any during the dental examination. Toothaches and pain in the gums are usually caused by something. Often, the answer lies below the surface. X-rays can pick up indications of abscesses or lumps in your mouth. Dr. Savage will tell you more benefits of dental X-rays in Redwood City when you come in the office for a visit.

How X-Rays Are Performed

A technician will put a lead apron on you to take pictures of your teeth. You will stand in front of a machine. The technician will position the camera, your chin and head so pictures of your teeth at the correct angle can be taken. Then, the technician takes the pictures and waits for the camera to show the pictures on the screen. Dental X-rays complications are nonexistent. The small amount of radiation that you endure during the dental X-rays procedure will not harm you. Patients report no dental X-rays pain or dental X-rays after effects. When film was used, patients experienced some uncomfortableness in their mouth, but thanks to the latest technology there are no problems associated with dental X-rays anymore.

Consultations at Redwood City Family Dentistry

Call 650-367-8833 now to make an appointment with Dr. Savage for Dental X-rays in Redwood City. The staff at Redwood City Family Dentistry is here to help you with all your needs. They will take care of you during the dental X-rays and the entire visit.

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