Treatment Planning

Definition of Treatment Planning

treatment planning in redwood cityTreatment planning in Redwood City means the dentist sees a problem and develops a recommended action to fix the problem. For example, if the dentist in Redwood City found a cavity, he will create a treatment plan to address that issue. Often, treatment planning involves one or more option for fixing a problem. Dentists usually choose the least expensive and most efficient treatment plan to solve your issue. In some cases, treatment planning can involve long-range goals, such as fitting for dentures or implants or getting wisdom teeth removed.

Cost of Treatment Planning in Redwood City

The cost of treatment planning in Redwood City is included in your fees for dental consultations. However, during the consultation, the dentist or plan will let you know the expected fees for procedures you are expected to have. For example, if you are scheduled to have a tooth pulled, the treatment plan will list the expected cost of tooth extraction. Redwood City Family Dentistry will work with your insurance company to develop a reasonable cost for treatment planning.

Advantages of Treatment Planning

The advantages of treatment planning are many. When you develop a treatment plan for your problem, you will know right away how much you will be expected to pay. You will know the amount the insurance company will pay and how much you will owe the dentist when the procedure is completed. Also, during the treatment planning procedure, you will be able to ask questions and voice your concerns. The dentist will give you more benefits of treatment planning when you visit our offices.

How the Service Is Performed

The treatment planning procedure is usually completed during a dental consultation. The dentist will discuss with you options for treatment and costs associated with each option. During the process, you will evaluate each option and why it would work for you or why it wouldn’t work for your problem. Then, you and your dentist will determine the right method for you to fix your problem and the costs associated with that option. The treatment planning does not involve complications, after effects or pain because the process is a discussion.

Consultation with Redwood City Family Dentistry

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