Implant Crowns

Definition of Implant Crowns

implant crowns in redwood cityImplant crowns are coverings for your false teeth, known as dental implants. Although regular crowns are custom-designed to fit exactly over your tooth, implant crowns are designed to fit over your implant. Dr. Savage in Redwood City will help you determine what you should use on your implant. Redwood Dentistry has many years of experience of implant crowns in Redwood City.

Cost of Implant Crowns in Redwood City

Implant crowns’ cost in Redwood City is associated with the cost of dental implants, but the average cost is between $1,000-$3,000. Usually, the cost is included in an overall price. The cost is based on the price of the implant and the fee the manufacturers charge the dentist to make it. We work with you and your insurance company to present to you the most reasonable rate possible for implant crown procedure. We accept several insurance plans and develop a fee structure in line with recommendations from other dentists and insurance companies.

Advantages of Implant Crowns

The advantages of implant crowns are many. When you get dental implants, you have an abutment sticking out your gum line. This looks odd and incomplete. The implant crown will give you a finished look. The implant crown also holds the implant together with the jaw. You won’t have to worry about any disease on or around the tooth. They are easily maintained. You brush and floss like any other tooth. The dentist will provide you more benefits of implant crowns when you visit our office to discuss implant crowns in Redwood City.

How Implant Crowns Are Performed

Because these crowns fit over the implant, first you have to have the implant procedure done. The dentist performs the implant by preparing the jaw and tooth. Once the implant and abutment are in place, the dentist performs the implant crown procedure. He takes a picture of the abutment on a computer or creates a mold of your abutment. The picture or mold is sent to a dental laboratory where the crown is manufactured.

Implant crowns complications include problems with the surrounding teeth, jaws, and gums. You might experience implant crown pain. You also might experience pain in the gums after the permanent is cemented into your mouth. Once you have the permanent implant crown, after effects will be minimal. Get in touch with Dr. Savage to know more about implant crowns in Redwood City.

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