Dental Bridges

Definition of Dental Bridges

dental bridges in redwood cityDental bridges bridge the gap between missing teeth and involves one or more false teeth. They are supported in the mouth by implants or natural teeth. Bridges are composed of one or more dental crowns attached the teeth to hold the bridge. These teeth are known as abutment teeth, and the false teeth are known as pontics. They can be made from different materials including alloys, gold and porcelain. It is important to know about dental bridges. Dr. Savage is offering the best practices of Dental Bridges in Redwood City.

Advantages of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges benefits are several. They are less expensive than implants or dentures and hence are easy to get. You don’t have to visit the dentist more than once when getting fitted for bridges while dental implants and dentures take several visits. Sometimes, you need to have bone grafts to get implants, but that isn’t the case with bridges. In addition to this, dental bridges can improve your overall health and make your smile more glorious by helping maintain the shape of your face.

How Dental Bridges Are Performed

To perform dental bridge procedure, the dentist prepares the mouth for the dental bridge. You might have to have extractions before a bridge can be fitted. The dentist will take a mold of your mouth and a false teeth apparatus is made. Then, the dentist will cement it by anchoring it to other teeth in the mouth or by creating a removal device. The dentist will show the patient how to manage his or her bridge. Dental bridge complications carry some risks. You might have dental bridge pain when they are created the first time. But the pain is temporary and pain killers can also be used to overcome it dental bridge side effects.

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