Going to the dentist often does not sound too appealing for most; sometimes we forget the importance of good oral and dental hygiene and how to maintain it. Not keeping up with your dental hygiene can lead to your worst enemy, cavities. Tooth decay is caused by a creation of harmful bacteria in the mouth;

Do you suffer from Recessed Gums? Have you recently been told by your dentist or periodontist that you need a gum graft? This is necessary to protect your teeth from the ongoing damaging effects of gum recession. To better educate you, gum recession is when the tissue that surrounds your teeth begins to pull away

5 Ways to Improve Your Dental Health

Thursday, 04 August 2016 by

Do you feel stressed out when you go through dental examinations? Well, most of the oral problems that build up inside your mouth are preventable, if you take good care of it. Practicing good overall  hygiene is a good start but there are other aspects to factor in which  can improve your dental health. Here

A Conventional Guide To Teeth Whitening

Thursday, 04 August 2016 by

Welcome to your conventional guide to teeth whitening! Many people today have discolored teeth though having their pearly whites shining is something everyone desires. This discoloration is often caused by what we eat, and drink including addictive beverages like tea, and coffee, as well as red wine and smoking. But you’ll see a lot of